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mtannie's Journal

Social capital

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3 December 1987
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Hi there!
We, my husband and I, live in Irkutsk, Russia. We will be glad to help you about following.
- Ordering and purchasing tickets (train, boat, bus, airplane, museum, theatre, cinema) for 10% of it’s price.
- Tour around the city, trip to Listvyanka for 500 rubles per an hour.
- Purchasing souvenirs (any kind, that you wish, for agreed price).
- Ordering hotel apartments for 10% of it’s cost, accommodation in our flat (separate room with a door, that can be locked, kitchen, crockery, bathroom, sofa for 2 people and a mattress for another 2, bed-linen, refrigerator, hair-dryer, iron) for 1500 rubles per 1 person and 700 rubes more per any additional person, washing-machine – 100 rubles.
- Any assistance by internet and telephone – free.
- Assistance with Mongolian council – 10% of visa price.
- Translation (agreed price).
- Copying, printing (5 rubles per 1 page), internet, e-mail, scanning – free.
- Breakfast, lunch, dinner (for agreed price).
- Transfer – 300 rubles, cab – 25 rubles per 1 kilometer.
More information by
e-mail: sergen26@yandex.ru,
ICQ: 150471521,
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sergen26 ,
Skype: sergey_chugreev.
Sincerely yours, Annie and Sergey.


искусство, спорт, еда, путешествия, россия

Social capital

  • less than 10